“We have clearly chosen Risika because the platform is very user-friendly"

Jacob Faber - Head of Business, Lunar 

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Who is Lunar? 

Lunar was founded in Aarhus, 2015. Since 2019, they have had their own bank license, as the first danish-based fintech ever. Lunar has been on a quest to challenge the traditional way of banking.

The core mission of Lunar has always been to create a digital bank, where private and business customers can easily manage and understand their finances. In 2020, Lunar launched Lunar Business, a solution created for entrepreneurs, to easily manage their business finances.

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Which challenges did Lunar face? 


Finding new customers

Lunar spent manual resources to find newly established companies in The Danish Central Business Register. This was a time-consuming and slow process, which they needed to automate.


Targeted marketing

Lunar used unnecessary resources and manual processes to find their target groups for their marketing. This often resulted in Lunar targeting too widely and inaccurately in their marketing.

"We are entrepreneurs and have been on an exciting growth journey. We think it's super cool to work with like-minded partners." Jacob Faber, Head of Business, Lunar
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How did Risika help solve the problems? 

Lunar was missing a tool to automate their targeting across sales and marketing. The advantages of Risika were that it was easy and simple to implement. With a single onboarding, Lunar was up and running with the Risika platform within a day.

With Risika, Lunar can now receive lists of newly registered CVR numbers that match their ideal customer profile, which their sales department can reach out to. Lunar can also filter the segments and company types that they wish to target with their marketing for a more precise communication.

The result

 Automated lead generation  
Lunar can filter on all the segments and company types in the Nordics that they have been successful with serving.
 Effective sales outreach
Lunar can find and contact all newly registered CVR numbers that match their ideal customer profile.
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